Make Your Miles Matter

Date(s): 1st August 2020 - 31st August 2020

Make Your Miles Matter


Be part of something special this August and join us as we see how far our legs or wheels can take us, whilst supporting disabled children and their families.

Simply bank any exercise you complete this August – whether you walk, run, cycle, swim or wheel. Every mile counts and you can even help us decide on the route we take next. The whole family can get involved and it’s the perfect motivation to get out there and feel good this summer.

Before working with kev my running was unstructured and ironically I felt as though I was going no where. Kev has pushed to reassure me that I can achieve more than I thought I could. In the year I have worked with him I have hit every goal I’d set, even taking home a trophy 🏆. Kev is knowledgeable and supportive and I would recommend him to anyone.

Lisa Cruise

I love RUTC as a virtual fun running team and competition is such a motivator. Fun. Healthy. Community.

Helen Tipton

Run up to Christmas is a fantastic way to stay motivated during the cold dark winter. Not only does it help you to stay fit and healthy, it connects you with inspiring runners across the country and raises money for an incredibly worthwhile cause. Perfect for both body and soul!

Kirsty Stilwell

RU2C is the best running experience I’ve ever done! It’s made me get out of bed in the morning, looking forward to getting out and being part of a big team! I love running again thanks to you!!

Christopher McDonald

I have great memories from Run Around the World. I live in the midlands so had a choice which team to join but opted with Team South with encouragement from friends and since then have kept in touch. Our group chat is still active and I’ve even been to London to meet up with some and have plans to meet more in 2019. This event has been brilliant and truly was worth entering, the medal and running tops are brilliant but the memories and friendships are the best thing I have taken from this challenge.

Elliot Woolley

I really enjoy the Run up to Christmas. The support on Twitter and other social media has been great and doing this event has really motivated me to get out the door and run. It has helped me mentally having a focus, so I’m glad I signed up and will be taking part in more.

Lee Kemp

The RU2C and Marathon in a Day events are a fabulous way of bringing people together from the running community to raise miles, money and awareness for mental health. Keep up the good works Clare and Kev

Carmen To

In the summer I was at a loss for a new running challenge. I was fortunate enough to give Run Around the World a go which made every run part of the team challenge. I was part of a virtual team, which felt part of me even though I was mainly running on my own. The whole experience was so enjoyable and helped me rediscover my running mojo!

Thank you Clare and Kevin for putting so much time into making the event so much fun.

David Guiel