Monthly Motivation May

Date(s): 1st May 2020 - 31st May 2020

Monthly Motivation – May

The April Motivation challenge has helped hundreds and hundreds of people stay active during the Covid-19 lockdown. We’ve been asked to do it again in May, and with the likelihood of some sort of restrictions being in place for some time, we agree – we’d LOVE to do it again! Please don’t feel obliged if times are tough right now, but if you can afford to support it in continuing to put the events on, please do pay what you feel it is worth below. But remember, if you need it to be free we totally get it and we don’t mind if you put zero! Any ‘profit’ we make will be donated to charity.

You have from the 1st to the 30th May to cover the distance you choose by running, walking and exercising in any way. Times might not be easy but keeping active is a great way to support our mental wellbeing.

  • 50km 
  • 100km 
  • 150km 
  • 200km 
  • or a whopping 250km

This is not a run streak challenge, you do not need to run every day (but you obviously can if you want to). You just have to set a goal to hit one of our targets, track your activities through whatever app or recording site you use. We would encourage the use of Strava as this can be linked directly to your account on our site, but you can also do manual uploads using screenshots from any popular app, treadmill or watch. Or, frankly, a photo of your hot sweaty face post-workout.

Unlike some of our other events, the May Motivation Challenge isn’t just about running. For every 6 minutes of exercise that you do that is NOT running, you can claim 1km towards your total. You will need to manually upload these activities as the strava link is only for runs, but they’ll help you tick off that target total.

As always we will be active on social keeping you engaged and try to organise some prizes and quirky ways to keep you motivated.