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Unless you’ve been on a very remote island, you’ll know that the world has tipped upside down a little! Things are a bit mad and here at Run Things, we want to do the best for as many people as we possibly can.

People have lost jobs, are having to take unpaid leave and we know just how tough things might get. That’s why we have decided to cancel the paid-for Run4Bloom andhave created some new events that will be totally free for anyone and everyone to participate in.

Run Things isn’t made for profit. It’s not made to capitalise and it’s sure as hell not going to put business before support. That’s why we’ve created a virtual 5k and a virtual 10k that you can do between now and the end of the month. And then in April we have a month long challenge that is basically a replica of the Run Up to Christmas. You can head over and register right now at

When you’re signed up, don’t forget to log in to your account and link your Strava if you haven’t already. And if you don’t have Strava, you can manually upload your run whenever you like.
Unfortunately there won’t be any medals. We just can’t guarantee their availability and if we end up getting a shed load of people taking part, it could well bankrupt us!

But what about the fundraising for Mental Health UK?
We spoke with Victoria, the wonderful fundraiser whose event it was because we did not want to jeopardise raising money for such a brilliant charity. That’s why Run Things has committed, regardless of the cancellation, to giving Mental Health UK a thousand pounds. We will pay this ourselves if we have to, but if you feel like making a donation then you can at the Justgiving page at Think of it as an optional fee for entering the free events we’re laying on.

When times are hard, Run Thingers step up
These are unprecedented times. We want to do whatever we can to support our supporters. That link between mental and physical health has never been more important now and we’re doing whatever we can to offer support and guidance to the people who have allowed us to become what we are today.

Thank you so much for your support.
Clare and Kev