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The Run Things Run Club is a virtual run club based around the needs of you – our runners. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned veteran, the #RTRC caters for you. Honestly, we don’t care if you’re Mo Farah or Big Mo from Eastenders – you’re welcome at our club.  

If you join the #RTRC, you’ll get to race in club colours, be a part of our community and benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of great professionals who are there to support you. Oh, and we won’t take ourselves too seriously – social is our thing (literally – all our work is done through it!). We want our club to be where people come to have a laugh and a joke; to support and encourage each other and to check in, get motivation and challenge themselves. 

We’re exactly the same as your local run club, but we don’t have a location! The #RTRC offers you all the benefits of a club, but allowing you to do the sessions when it suits you! We’ve created the #RTRC for all those people with hectic lives and unpredictable work hours. We’ve also created the #RTRC for all those people who, frankly, don’t want to rock up to a club, don’t like the idea of running with others or (more seriously) are anxious, nervous, scared and think it’s a reach too far. (Serious note from Kev here – physical run clubs are very welcoming, friendly, helpful and useful. We believe there’s room for all sorts of club and we’re certainly not putting them down – we can actually recommend some to you, if you like!). 

Club membership is £25 FOREVER. For that measly amount, you will get: 
– A club vest or tee shirt so you can represent us at races 
– Membership of the club Facebook group where you’ll get to ask questions, meet other runners and access programmes and information 
– 10% off all Run Things events and gear 
– Training plans and sessions for all fitness levels and distances from 5k to marathon 
– Regular Q&As, blogs and articles from professional coaches and physios 
– Competitions, prizes and meet-ups with other club members 

The boring but important stuff 
– Run club members should be aged 17 or over 
– All information and social elements will be run through Facebook and so you will need a Facebook profile to benefit from this 
– Members should be physically fit and able to exercise. Anyone who is new to running or who has medical issues should seek approval from a doctor before starting their running journey