Training plans

We offer a number of training plans to suit every type of runner – new or experienced – for distances ranging from 5k to ultra marathons. Our plans are designed especially for the individual and fit in around your lifestyle and availability. They’re there to maximise your chances of getting to the start line injury free and in great shape. You can be sure that we’re highly experienced and highly trained to provide the best possible support to our clients.


What’s involved

We start with an in-depth interview via email or Skype/telephone to gauge your experience, goals, availability and understanding. We’ll ask you a lot of questions to ensure your plan is designed around you. We then go away and put together a bespoke plan that will suit your needs and get you to your goal, whatever that might be. Depending on the plan you choose, there will be the opportunity for a plan review (adjusting the original according to how your training has gone to that point) and regular contact via email and Skype/telephone.

What you get

Your plan will encompass a variety of specific and effective sessions that will add speed, endurance and impact to your training. As well as outlining your running sessions, you will get:

In depth initial interview

Strength, conditioning and flexibility sessions Unlimited email and social media support Plan reviews and adjustments according to changes in lifestyle and goal changes Skype and telephone coaching to discuss training and exercise demonstration Nutritional advice (Silver and Gold plans)

Why pay?

There are hundreds and thousands of free training plans out there for potential runners. We would be very happy to point you to any of the free plans that are available that we would endorse. Our plans offer the next step in training and support. Free plans aren’t bespoke and they don’t offer you access to a qualified PT people with experience of over 80 marathons. Our plans are designed for people who want something specific to them with access to information, resources and support of experienced professionals. If you were to pay for each of the elements of support in our plans, your costs would be at least double.

Who it’s for

We’re confident that we can cater for every type of runner over many distances. We can cater for people who have never run before and are just starting out to experienced marathon runners who have hit a plateau and cannot get a breakthrough in their target time. If you’re unsure and would like more information, contact us for a no obligation chat